About Us

About Us

Telite S.A. has been established in 2013, through the support of shareholders from an angel investor association in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Two more shareholders have been admitted in 2014, with a strategic focus on exportation. With such highly expert professionals in the international market, we now operate in Chile, Paraguay, Bolivia and Argentina.

Our History

For 10 years in the market now, we strive to offer our customers products with high quality and technology, in addition to innovation, durability and cost-effectiveness.

Telite offers tile solutions to you, who want cost-effective options without giving up quality, design and beauty, in order to tile from external areas of your house to sheds in your company.

We make our tiles using recyclable materials, in compliance with environmental responsibility and sustainable development policies, assuring the quality of our products and, consequently, avoiding any harm to the environment in all stages of our manufacturing process or in any activities linked to it.

We from Telhas Telite are committed to assure quality in the manufacturing process of our tiles, offering 5-year warranty and technical assistance to our customers.

Only a company like Telite, which combines all such characteristics, can offer the safer and most modern products to tile your house.