Chemical toilets

Chemical toilets

With a design that makes transportation easier, they are made of polyethylene. Lightweight and resistant, with non-oxidizing metals, they feature also high durability.


High density polyethylene (HDPE) is the raw material used to manufacture the standard toilet booths.

One of three dyes is added to the polyethylene: blue, acqua green or orange. They include also an additive to protect the toilet against ultraviolet (UV) radiation.

Three technological processes are used to manufacture the standard toilets: rotomolding, vacuum forming and injection. With rotomolding are made the residue box, urinal, sink and toilet seat. With vacuum forming, the sides, roof and door. Finally, with the injection process, the handle, latch and ventilation grid. The different employed technologies assure the distinguishing quality of our products.

Other standard components are made of stainless steel (bolts, nuts and hinges) and aluminum (door frame and fastening rivets), which are rust-free metals.

Standard toilet

Conventional: Booth, residue box, seat, urinal, object holder, toilet paper holder and mirror

Colors: blue, green

Conventional toilet

Conventional: Model used for direct connection to the sewage network.

Components: Booth, toilet and sink

Colors: blue, green

Semi-luxury toilet

Convencional: Conventional: Booth, residue box, seat, foot-operated flush pump, sink (with 62 liters of water), object holder, toilet paper holder and mirror

Colors: blue, green

Booth with shower

Components: Booth, shower and water draining system

Colors: blue, acqua green and orange

General technical data:
Height 2,20 m
Width 1,10 m
Length 1,10 m
Weight 60 Kg

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